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Our loved Dina died 14.07.2009 from the consequences of amyloidosis.

Dear Dina,
your life was short but really great.
When I adopted you over 3 years and 11 weeks ago you only had the weight of 470g
and the doctors didn't think you would survive.
My sweetheart, you were really sick, you had the cat flue and you were in a horrible condition.

Despite bad prognoses we both made it,
you wanted to live and helped me as much as possible to keep you healthy - and it worked.

After many months of treatments and operations you became a healthy cat.
I was certain that you would enjoy a long life and I loved every day with you.
This deep connection and love can only be found once in a lifetime.

You took good care of the kiddens of other moms and you even started giving milk.
We knew you really wanted own children.
In 2008 you finally had your own three beautiful kitten.
You were so happy..your own children that you gave all of your love and passion to.

This year, in january, we found out that you had a thyroid dysfunction.
It was possible that you had cancer and they recommended to put you in surgery.
Your thyroid was examined and they found out that you had amyloidosis.
It really hurt us alot because we knew that there was no cure for amyloidosis - and still -
there are no new therapys.

Of course your teeth were not the best because of the antibiotics you got in your childhood.
I always had the feeling that you had paing while eating.
You stopped eating and I made it possible for you to have a surgical extraction.
Almost all teeth had to be taken out.
After the surgery you finally ate more and gained weight.

One week later you suddenly lost 300g in only three days.
We were alarmed immediately and took you to the clinic.
The results showed that your renal data were too high.
The following studies showed a change in your kidney and an evidence of amyloidosis.
After the docotors could normalise you renal data
we took you back home only a few days later.
The last weeks you only go special food, which helped you with your disease.
(To be honest I really wanted her to live longer by that)

On the 14th of July 2009 you showed me that you didn't want this anymore.
Your body lost tense and your four was dull.
Your eyes, your face were speaking clear words that I won't forget.

We didn't wait for you to die because of kidney failure or death by sepsis.
All the pain you had when you were a child.. you didn't have to go through that again.
I paid my last respect to you and you left this world without any pain.

Everyone had 3 hours to say goodbye to you, my sunshine
and we noted that it was "easier" for the other cats and dogs than for us.
For them death is part of their life. Only us humans are afraid of that day and what may follow.

The following months past by fast but I got to spent every single day with you.
It breaks my heart. Nevertheless I did everything for you whenever you asked for help.

In eternal love, my Dina, I will never forget you.
Thank you for the best time of my life!

Go carefully over the rainbow. On the other side you won't miss anything.
You will always be happy and healthy without any pain.
You will mmeet new friends on your way and you can watch over us whenever you want to.
I will follow you my darling but it will take a while.

Your Sabrina
and your whole family!

More informationen about amyloidosis can be found here.

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