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24.01.2002 - 08.11.2013
Staffordshire Terrier

My great love...

you were party of our life from 30.04.2002 until 08.11.2013.
You were always our faithful friend.

We really hoped to spend more wonderful years with you but your health didn't allow us to.
Despite all attemps we were not able to make you life worth living again.

When I think back I can say for sure: "You had a great life".

3 weeks ago the world was still perfect for you and us but then it all was so fast...

Gladly we always took alot of pictures and videos to have a memory of you.
Especially the last video - It was made 3 weeks before your death - my dad played with you and Emily in the backyard..
All these years, my darling, you were our companion.

In the end it was me who gave you the honor - in your dog bed -
you left us.

Dear Lubberlieschen, take care of my lovely Dina.

We love and miss you!!!


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