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In memory of our loved animaly:

"If tears could have hold you back,
you would be still here with me.
If tears could bring you back,
you would have already been here yesterday."

American Staffordshire Spirit


My great love...

you were party of our life from 30.04.2002 until 08.11.2013.
You were always our faithful friend.

My nicknames were:
Birgit, Schlupp, Lubberlieschen, Rüsselchen, Stinkekind, Liesi, etc..

In the end it was me who gave you the honor - in your dog bed -
you left us.

Dear Lubberlieschen, take care of my lovely Dina.

We love and miss you!!!

American Staffordshire
24.01.2002 - 08.11.2013

i nformation

Dina, born as Osibisa's Indira

In eternal love...

my Dina, we will never forget you.
Thank you for the best time of my life!

Gehe behutsam über die Regenbogenbrücke, auf der anderen Seite wird es Dir an nichts fehlen
und Du wirst immer glücklich und gesund und ohne Schmerzen sein.

Go carefully over the rainbow. On the other side you won't miss anything.
You will always be happy and healthy without any pain.
You will mmeet new friends on your way and you can watch over us whenever you want to.
I will follow you my darling but it will take a while...

04.04.2006 - 14.07.2009

Name: Dina, born as Osibisa's Indira
Even though we don't want to do any advertisment for this cattery
we think these circumstances allow us to publish her pedigree.

More informationen about amyloidosis can be found here.



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