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Here we want to give you an overview of our retired cats:
Since they belong to our family it is a matter of course that they get their own page.
We try to keep our retired cats with us, so we can still live with them.

If we would have decide again to give away a cat,
it is very hard for us to let them go.
The reasons for that variegated. That's why the decision is NEVER easy.
In case we have to do it, their home is chosen carefully,
because we also want to stay in contact with the retired ones after they left our home.

World Ch. Hexe of Thai-Mahal

Siamese seal point SIAn (24) Hexe of Thai-Mahal

seal-point SIAn (24)
dob. 08.05.2008

I am a beautiful, perky and communication Siamese cat in seal-point.

Where am I? In the front! When somebody comes to visit I am the first to greet them and if somebody doesn't want to cuddle he will be "penetrated". ;-))

What else can I say.. I just love to be the center of attention.

I also love to sleep close to my mom in bed.

Recently I got the nickname "Sexyhexy" and "Häbät Bettwurst" ;-)) Other names for me are "Lieschen","Krötchen",....

Now I was neutered and enjoy being the "grandma" ;-)

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ThaiMahal Winnifred (Susi)

Siamese female blue-point Susi

Traditional Siamese blue-point
SIAa (24a)

dob. 26.06.2014

Genetic info: carrier chocolate

I am a lovely blue-point Siamese cat with deep blue eyes.

My names is from Disney's Jungle Book: The couragous wife of Colonel Hathi and the mother of Junior.

My breeder worked 10 years for me, of course without doing inbreeding.
Finally the result: a great, handsome, snuggling traditional Siamese cat in the color blue.

By that everything is said and we are really excited about my children in 2015/2016.

Besides Susi my nicknames are: "Baby", "Bubbi", "Quäckser".

Tested FIV/FeLV - negative
Tested HCM - will follow
PRA / PKD - negative

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ThaiMahal Wendy

Siamese seal point SIAn (24) ThaiMahal Wendy

Siamese seal-point
SIAn (24)

dob. 19.08.2011

Genetic info: carrier chocolate & dilution

I am a beautiful Siamese can in seal-point with wonderful blue eyes!!!

I am names after Disney's Peter Pan. Here I am the girlfriend of Peter.

I am a real sunshine, super cuddly and just enchanting.
I charme everyone with my gorgeous eyes.
If I want to you can read everything in my mimik.

My kittens are fantastic with much blue eyes and they are very cuddling just like me.

My nickname is "Dendywendy" or also "Wendewendy" because it just fits perfectly.

Our wonderful Wendy live with 2 of our cats in the best home ever :-)

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Nala of Thai-Mahal

OSH blue OSHa (37) Nala of Thai-Mahal

OSH Orienta Shorthair blue
OSHa (37a)

dob. 06.08.2010

Genetic info: carrier dilution


I am a gorgeous oriental shorthair in the great color blue.
short: OKH blue

The Disney movie "The Lion's King" is known by everyone.
Simba's best friend is called Nala...
and that is how I got my name.

Well, what can I tell about me:
I am of course very cuddly, kind and I get along with everyone.
Sometimes I am in a crazy mood and run around in the living room, where I turn around like a chinchilla or I bounce agains the couch and so I run the oppisite way again. ;-)
...even when mom always says that I am not very phtogenic because you can not see my color clearly on pictures - I proved her wrong on the photo shooting ;-)

Some of my nicknames are: "Nalababy", "Babylieschen","Mamakind"...

Our charming Nala stays with one of her kitten in the near of us ;-)

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ThaiMahal Marahute (Huti)

OSH chocolate point OSHb (29) ThaiMahal Marahute

OSH Oriental Shorthair havanna
OSHb (29)

dob. 05.02.2014

Genetic info: carrier cinnamon & dilution


As a OSH - a oriental short haired in havanna - it is not easy for me here because I am the only one in this color.
But it can also be a blessing because then grandma knows exactly who she is talking about when she says "the brown one" *hihi*

My name comes form the Disney movie Bernhard and Bianca. Here I am the golden eagle Marahute ;-)

But in general I am integrated in the ThaiMahal's and as a teenager I certainly have a lot of nonsense on my mind.

My humans are really excited about my future kittens. When exactly do I get them? I don't know... but they will come for sure at some time.

My nicknames are "Huti", "Quengel", "Nervchen", and in some situations even more. ;-)

the baby Huti was neutered and now she live with one of our kitten in a wonderful new home :-)

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ThaiMahal Mary Poppins (Bonny)

Oriental Shorthair
dob. 01.03.2012

I am a beautiful, extroverted Oriental Shorthair with the great color cinnamon.
I am totally like my mom Rosie.

My name comes from a disney movie: here I am family Banks' nanny.
But because Marry Poppins is too long, they just call me Bonny ;-)

I am pretty similar to Hexe, I am also always in the front!
I also talk a lot and I love laying on my people's lap.
When I am allowed to rub my head against their face I am more than happy. ;-)

Have fun looking at my pictures ;-)

I also have a lot of nicknames. They for example call me "Scheisserleinchen" or "kleines".

Bonny wasn't happy with the hustle and bustle here. She also didn't get along with our new dog Dusty. With a heavy heart she got neutered and found a new home without a dog. She is very happy now and that pleases me ;-)

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Ch. Cinderella of Thai-Mahal (Elli)

Traditional Siamese
dob. 01.12.2009

I was names after the wonderful girl Cinderella from Disney's "Cinderealla" (1950).

I am a beautiful traditional Siamese cat in chocolate point.

When we get to eat mice or chicks I am in the first row.
Next to eating cuddling is my other passion.
I am too pushy but I make sure my people notice me.
Well sometimes I can me and touch them softly with my head.
If that's not enough I cuddle them with my whole body until they finally cuddle me back ;-)

My nickname is "Elli". Others are "Schnecke", "Flötchen", "Kröti"..


Elli "donated" us two wonderful litters.
Now she lives happily with MinnieMo and Frieda and relaxes in her new home where she gets her required rest.

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ThaiMahal Ellie Mae (ElliMae)

Traditional Siamese
chocolate point
dob. 20.08.2011

I am a gorgeous Siamese cat in chocolate point with deep blue eyes!!!

My name is from Walt Disney's "Bernhard & Biance" (1977)
The name belongs to a muskrat there. But a muskrat is not very similar to me ;-))

When I play with the other cats I am like a whirlwind
but I also love cuddling with my humans.
To put it in a nutshell: beautiful, kind and absolut lovely ;-)

Have fun looking at my pictures ;-)


EllieMae doesn't live far away from us now ;-)
She found a wonderful home with one of our kitten.

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Ch. Griffith of Thai-Mahal (Gittili)

Traditional Siamese / Thai
dob. 17.05.2001 - 23.05.2015

My name is Griffith. I am the oldest one. A Siamese seal-point cat like they used to be ;-)

I was named after the pretty car brand TVR.
TVR is a British sports car manufacturer in Blackpool.
TVR stands for "Trevor". First name of the founder Trevor Wilkinson.

Laying in the backyard in summer is the best.
There I can relax, play with the other cats or just snuggle with my humans.
You can't ask for more, can you? ;-)


Griffith didn't live far from us.
She used to have a wonderful home with three of our kitten and enjoyed being the no.1 out of 4. RIP Gittili !!!

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World Ch. Madam Mim of Thai-Mahal (Mimbi)

Traditional Siamese / Thai
dob. 12.05.2004

I am Madam Mim, also a Old Style Siamese cat in seal-point.
Mostly they just call me Mimbi because it is shorter.

My name is from the last animated cartoon that Walt Disney published.
"The Sword in the Stone" is a US-movie by the director Wolfgang Reitherman.

Even though I look like a nice girl on pictures I can also be a real whirl wind. After I am finished with playing I love cuddling just as much as all of us do. Certainly I also talk about what I experience all the time.


Unfortunately Madam Mim had to leave our group and now she lives in a new home with her son.
It was really hard for us because she was from our first litter.

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Suspiria Rosamund (Rosie)

Oriental Shorthair
dob. 16.04.2009


I am a beautiful Oriental Shorthair (OSH) in the great color fawn.
...actually I always wanted to be an opera singer.
They might send me to a casting soon.. what do you think? ;-)

Over all I love cuddling. I climb up my people so they have to pick me up and love me :-).
The best is when I can feel their heart and their love ;-).

Otherwise I am also one of the wild ones and charm every visitor with my gorgeous green eyes and my character. ;-)

My nickname is "Rosie" because it is so nice and short.
Sometimes they also call me "Tigerkatzitatzi","Mutzi","Mäuselein", "Lieblingskind" ...

Our charming Rosie stays with Pinocchio for always and forever. ;-)
Those two pretty cats found a great new home with lovely peoply.
It is really awesome there. They can enjoy fresh air and it is save for them there :-)

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