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Here we want to give you an overview of our Siamese cats and oriental shorhair:
Their character is more than wonderful, defintely acquainted with humans and totally cuddling.
Certainly our cats only get varied food of high quality, because only healthy and vital breeding cats can have healthy and vital kittens!
Of course all of our cats have a pedigree and besides regular healthy checks they are tested negative on FIV/FeLV, PRA, PKD and HCM

ThaiMahal Lady Marian (Ginger)

Siamese chocolate point SIAb (24b) ThaiMahal Lady Marian

Traditional Siamese chocolate-point
SIAb (24b)

dob. 03.05.2013

Genetic info: carrier cinnamon & dilution

I am a great traditional chocolate-point colored Siamese cat.

Robin Hood's wife is names Maid Marian and is said to be a charge of the king.
Later Maid Marian became a nun....

I am a very cuddly and strong Siames cat, which loves to sleep and snuggle with my human mom under the blanket.

Some people would consider me a Thai cat but we have all the same origin. That is why I have also a Siamese pedigree.

When I want to I can be a little bit noisy and believe me... my humans know pretty fast why I am that noisy.

We are really curious about my future litters ;-)

Tested FIV/FeLV - negative
Tested HCM - negative
PRA / PKD - negative

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