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Here I want to introduce you to our tomcats:
Our studs also belong to our family and have when needed their own 20m² stoodroom with balcony.
Their character is more than wonderful, acquainted to humans and snuggling.
Certainly our tomcats only get varied food of high quality because only healthy and vital breeding cats can have healthy and vital kittens!
Of course all of our tomcats have a pedigree and besides regular healthy checks they are tested negative on FIV/FeLV, PRA, PKD and HCM.
In order to protect our cats we deny stud service.




Hello, my name is yummi, I am a great Siamese Stud in blue-point.

In case you want to know: I am the world champion in cuddling :-)

I raised my humans perfectly. As soon as somebody enters the room I run the to them and start purring...
they don't have a choice and pick me up to cuddle with me. When they ignore me it might happen that I just jump on their shoulder.
Nice trick hm? ;-)

Of course I am the magician ;-)
We are really corious if I can conjure some fantastic kittens in 2020.

My nicknames hmmm.. I got so many that no names comes into my mind right now..ah I remember some.
For example "Nervchen", "Brummelchen", "Stinkekind"... ;-) ;-)

Siamese blue-point
SIAa (24a)

dob. 01.03.2019

Genetic info: carrier cinnamon


Tested FIV/FeLV - negative
Tested HCM - negative
PRA - negative

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Cradlebridge Rufus


I am a beautiful traditional Siamese tomcat in the color chocolate point.

My name comes from Disney's "The Rescuers", there I am Rufus, the elderly cat who resides at Morningside Orphanage and comforts Penny when she is sad.

Thank´s very much at Henry, which entrusted us this really charmful Cat!

First all thought : "cuddling and trusting" we already have that,
but I overcame that by far. I am a pure cuddle cat. I hug my humans just as I were a human myself.
I rub myself against them, but I also bite them lovely. ;-)

Of course I am beautiful ;-).. my deep blue eyes and my fantastic character will be given to all of my kittens.

I certainly have some nicknames: "Schmusi", "Schmusebär", "Äffchen", "Rußfuß" and some more.

Siamese chocolate-point
SIAb (24b)

dob. 15.08.2010

Genetic info: carrier dilution


Tested FIV/FeLV - negative
Tested HCM - negative
PRA - negative

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The tomcats that used to give wonderful kittens to us should also be mentioned here.
Some of these cats live with us a pampered cats or they found a new beautiful home.

Gr.Eur.Ch. Pinocchio of Thai-Mahal


I am a beautiful traditional Siamese tomcat
with the rare color cinnamon point.

I am named after Pinocchio, the wodden boy from the woodcarver Gepetto, who was made into a real boy thanks to the blue fairy.

When my hormons don't go crazy, I am the calm point here in our home.
I am connected closely to the babies, even when they are not my own.
Our visitors often think I am the prettiest one and want to take me with them, even though I am not the skinniest one with my 6,4kg.
But therefore I am a big and handsome cat, who inherits not only his deep blue eyes but also his awesome characteristics to his childen.

I do have several nicknames: "Bieni", "Biesiliesi", "Dödeldieter", "Stinkekindchen", "Schmusebär", "Katerkindi" and much more ;-))

Siamese cinnamon-point
SIAo (24k)

dob. 08.05.2008



With a one smiling and one crying eye I had you neutered my sweetheart. But by that you stay with Rosie for always and forever ;-)
These two beautiful cats found a new great home with the best people. They have a great home there. They still can enjoy outdoor run with a save environment. :-)

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World Ch. / Int.Pr. Fuchur of Thai-Mahal


My great color is called cinnamon-point.

I am named after the lovely dragon
who flies around in the NeverEnding Story.

I love to run after my people and talk to them.
When they come down to pick me up or to cuddle me I start purring in advance, just as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Tested FIV/FeLV - negative
Tested HCM - negative

Siamese cinnamon-point
SIAo (24k)


Since I got neutered I live happily with my doughter Moya of Thai-Mahal in a wonderful small family with a dog.

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Cobra des Petites Bavardes (Jerry)


I was born 04.03.2007 and my color is called blue point.

I am named after Jerry, the mouse.
Just here is no Tom, who is chasing me or naging me. ;)

My greatest passion is giving my people thousands of kisses.
Therefore I hold if necassary the head of my people softly, so he couldn't leave.

Special thanks to Marlène, which entrusted us this charmful Cat!

Siamese blue-point
SIAa (24a)

dob. 04.03.2007

Meanwhile I am neutered and I got an awesome and beautiful home, where I can relax without potential cats. I am the number one here, I love it ;-)

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