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Our traditional kittens (Siamese & OSH)

"Es gibt zwei Dinge, auf denen das Wohlgelingen in allen Verhältnissen beruht.
Das eine ist, dass Zweck und Ziel der Tätigkeit richtig bestimmt sind.
Das andere aber besteht darin, die zu diesem Endziel führenden Handlungen zu finden."
Aristoteles (384-322)

We have kittens from our beauty Diamond :-)

Siamese traditional chocolate point
Siamese traditional blue point
ThaiMahal Lady Marian
Traditional Siamesekitten:
seal point, chocoate point, blue point, lilac point
all Kittens maybe will be cinnamon carrier
More pictures here

In autumn following breeding is planed:

Siamese - chocolate-point
Siamese traditional - blue-point
ThaiMahal Ginger
Traditional Siamesekittens: seal-point, chocolate-point, blue-point, lilac-point

Our kitten plans can be changed over time ;-)

A cattery we are friends with got some Thai cats
that are still looking for a new home to snuggle!

Please don't hesitate to contact us- I'm sure I can help you
to find a wonderful older cat you can spend your future with.



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