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Sabrina Kerl
Haßlocher Strasse 19
D-65479 Raunheim
Telefon: +49 6142 8739838

Mobil: +49 172 / 69 77 452


Breed of traditional Siamese Cats, old Style and OSH
-Lovely Siamese breeder in
Rhein-Main area / Hessen / Germany
Siamese cats in old tradition, just as they just to be.
Sometimes we do have wonderful kittens in the colors:
seal-point, chocolate-point, lilac-point, blue-point,
also in the beautiful warm colors
cinnamon-point, fawn-point - the OSH also full colored

The German websites are:
Cinnamonsiamesen / ThaiMahal / Thai-Mahal / Thaizucht / Cinnamonkatzen /
Thaikitten Traditionelle-Orientalen / Siamkitten / Katzenamyloidose

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