Siamese old Style / traditional Siamese cinnamon and fawn - Siamese Cattery, - old Style Siamese - Germany

Our traditional Siamese & Oriental winners!
Here a small overview from the last few years ;-)
Here our first time
with 350 cats

That shows us:
we are on the right path
with our cattery
Our Pinocchio
who earned the title
that weekend.
World Ch. Fuchur of Thai-Mahal
World Ch. Hexe of Thai-Mahal
Small Hexe
and Pinocchio
A cat show is supposed to be busy for us?
No way
Simba and Balu, the cat's owner
from our first litter can be seen below.
Yeah, I love them alot ;-)
At the "judging" - that's what it's called
when the cat is shown to the judges.
First in the cage then to the first judge,
who looks if it is really a good cat from the right breed and he gives a raiting which says what he thinks about the cat ;-)
And our various
expostion decorations.

Copyright (©), Sabrina Kerl, Cattery ThaiMahal.