Siamese old Style / traditional Siamese cinnamon and fawn - Siamese Cattery, - old Style Siamese - Germany

Welcome to our little cattery of traditional Siamese cats and oriental shorthair cats
in Germany, near Airport Frankfurt.

* our adress has been changed *

We will get new kittens end 2019 / begin 2020 :-)

If you are interested in one of our kittens, contact us and we can arrange a date to cuddle.

We have a special affection for the old style/classic Siamese cats,
the oriental shorthair and of course for our dogs Dusty and Emily.

Following pictures were made back when
our dog Spirit was still with us:

We breed seriously under the supervision of our cat club
on a small scale traditional Siames and OSH.
We prefer the main colors of Siamese cats (with point) and the OSH (full color):
seal-, chocolate-, blue- and lilac-(point), also
the beautiful warm colors cinnamon- and fawn-(point).

All of our cats have a pedigree and besides regular healthy checks
they are tested negative on FIV/FeLV, PRA, PKD and HCM.

Here you can find pictures and stories abour our animals, our kittens, information and much more!
On this pages we want you to take part of our life
with many stories and pictures.

Not all cats that can be found on this website are breeding cats,
but because they are part of our family, we think it is important to also mention them here.

Join us on a journey and let these beautiful Siamese cats and oriental shorthair enchant you
with their incredible nature and their great character.
If you have any questions abour our cattery or the content of this website,
please don't hesitate to contact us by E-Mail or phone! (but my English is not that good ;-))

Breed of traditional Siamese Cats, old Style and OSH
-Lovely Siamese breeder in
Rhein-Main area / Hessen / Germany
Siamese cats in old tradition, just as they just to be.
Sometimes we do have wonderful kittens in the colors:
seal-point, chocolate-point, lilac-point, blue-point,
also in the beautiful warm colors
cinnamon-point, fawn-point - the OSH also full colored

The German websites are:
Cinnamonsiamesen / ThaiMahal / Thai-Mahal / Thaizucht / Cinnamonkatzen /
Thaikitten Traditionelle-Orientalen / Siamkitten / Katzenamyloidose

For question about our cattery and kittens:

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