Siamese old Style / traditional Siamese cinnamon and fawn - Siamese Cattery, - old Style Siamese - Germany

Snapshots and Highlights from our family :-)

At our home everyone will be cuddled ;-)

You wanna be "in the middle" of it?
Look at our visiots and Siamese cats during the "super cuddling"

on the left side the mommy, on the right side Emily
Beautiful women
with beautiful
Siamese kitten.
who is playing with who ? ;-)
... Love on first sight?

which one of them is the "cat catcher of Thai-Mahal" now

they can't live without each other;-)
even our dogs are beleaguered by our Siamese cats
..more snorring...
Tamer *schnipp*... --> it works ;)
... snorring...
... still snorring... ;-)
first daddy then the dog ;-)
never seen?
recognized immediately?
What is going on here?
our cats snuggle with everyone ;-)
yeah we really like that...


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